The list of roofing contractors and roofing companies in New Jersey is among the largest of all the trades. That is because for many people roofing and roofing installation is perceived to be a simple and lucrative business.  That is just not true.

True, almost anybody can crawl up a ladder and start nailing, calling themselves roofers, but to Bergen County Contracting roofing is a passion and a trade that requires an exceptional attention to detail and an unmatched commitment towards excellence.

Having a broad knowledge of roofing materials, roofing installation and the latest in roofing systems and trends, separates Bergen County Contracting from other roofing contractors in the Northern New Jersey area.

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How to Winterize Your Home

Each winter, many homeowners face the expense and inconvenience of frozen water pipes. We advise our customers to have irrigation systems turned off and winterized by Nevada Day (or Halloween). Because lawns will be going dormant as the weather turns from fall to winter, this is a good date to remember as a guide. Monitor the weather—and specifically freezing temperatures—to be sure you winterize to protect your pipes.

Why Is Pipe Freezing a Problem?

Water expands as it freezes.  This expansion puts tremendous pressure on whatever is containing it, including plastic and metal pipes. No matter the “strength” of a container, expanding water can cause pipes to break.  Pipes that freeze most frequently are those exposed to severe cold, like outdoor hose bibs, swimming pool supply lines, water sprinkler likes and water supply pipes in in unheated interior areas like basements, and crawl spaces, attics, garages or kitchen cabinets.  Also, pipes that run against exterior walls that have little or no insulation are subject to freezing.

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Hardwood Flooring

Bergen County Contracting is your hardwood flooring installation and refinishing contractor in the Bergen County, New Jersey area. We know all to well that, for just about every room of you can add warmth, value and beauty, by simply installing or refinishing your hardwood floors.
For durability and beauty there is really no better choice than wood floors. Standing the tests of time, hardwood flooring is durable, easy to maintain, has superior strength as well as beauty plus they can be refinished after a few years and be completely different. Today’s wood flooring products offer better protection by using environmentally conscious waterborne urethane (no wax) finishes. These require minimal maintenance and provide superior durability.

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Vinyl Siding

If you are contemplating new vinyl siding installation or repair of your existing vinyl siding in the Bergen County, NJ area, we can help.

Getting your home resided is a big investment so it only makes sense to take the decision of which vinyl siding contractor to hire seriously.   Bergen County Contracting is your one stop contractor for any vinyl siding installation and or repairs in the Bergen County, New Jersey area. We at Bergen County Contracting ensure years of satisfaction by using only premium siding materials with top notch installation by our siding experts.

Homeowners looking to improve the value of their home, change its appearance, or just coming to the end of their siding’s longevity would be wise to think about replacing their siding long before they have to.   Vinyl siding remains a very popular, maintenance-free siding material. It comes in a multitude of colors and styles to enhance the beauty and value of your home.  It never needs painting, is energy efficient and has exceptional wind resistance.

Most vinyl siding is made from polyvinyl chloride, commonly known as PVC.  It is impact-resistant, strong and rigid.  There are a rainbow of colors to choose from for your Vinyl siding which makes it easy to match the colors of your home and your tastes.  It also does not blister or flake and, it cannot get termite-infested or moistened. Vinyl siding can range from .30 to .50 inches in thickness.
Bergen County Contracting installs all brands of exterior vinyl siding products and insulated vinyl siding such as, Mastic vinyl siding, Certainteed vinyl siding, Alcoa vinyl siding and many others.

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Window Replacement and Window Types

Energy efficient windows are among the best investments a homeowner can make. Replacing windows in your home with energy efficient replacement windows will not only cut your monthly bills by as much as 30%, but also increase the overall value of your home.  Replacing old, drafty windows can save as much as 30% per year on air conditioning and heating costs. Those savings alone make replacement windows one of the most attractive investments for homeowners.  The most energy efficient windows typically consist of insulated vinyl or fiberglass frames, and double or triple-pane glass.

If you’re looking for affordable window installation contractors, Bergen County Contracting is your best bet, our contractors specialize in window replacement and new window installation of the following windows; awning, casement, double hung, picture, bay and hoppers.  Our trained specialists stride towards perfection every step of the way with an unmatched commitment towards excellence. Read More


Kitchen Cabinets Types

The biggest design element of your kitchen is without a doubt your cabinets. They will be the largest part of your Kitchen Remodeling and the most expensive; therefore it is important to make the right decision, the first time. You are going to want to make sure you are making the choice in manufacturer, and type. For your consideration, cabinets come in three main types: Read More


The Latest Trends in Bathroom Renovations

The bathroom is quickly becoming the lap of luxury in the home, as more and more people are looking to their bathroom to help them unwind, relax, and get away.  Some of the latest “must have” additions include steam baths, heated floors, steam showers, sky light, sun tubes and more. Read More


Kitchen Remodeling

People spend more time in their kitchen than anywhere else in their home so it is the most seen and experienced space. The kitchen is often a gathering place to bring the family together and entertain guests so it makes sense that this is the most common area to remodel in a home. New technology has brought new kitchen designs that serve a dual purpose of efficiency and convenience. The introduction of the kitchen island has become increasing popular offering more flexibility making kitchen and dining areas more open and roomy.

In Bergen County, Kitchens are overwhelmingly the number 1 major remodeling project among U.S. homeowners. According to a homeowner survey, 32% of homeowners remodeled their kitchen in the past 5 years and another 45% are planning to remodel their kitchen in the next 2 years. The top reason for remodeling the kitchen is for storage. Read More


Compare Siding Types When Choosing New Siding

If you’re building a new home or buying new siding for an existing one, it’s important to know the different siding options available to you today. Choosing which siding is right for you is a matter of personal preference, how do you want the home to look, what can you afford, how much maintenance are you willing to do? These are all important factors to consider when selecting the siding for your Bergen County home. Let’s look at four different types of siding options available today: wood siding, fiber cement siding, vinyl siding and steel siding. Read More


Top Five Bergen County Basement Spaces

Finishing your Bergen county basement is very rewarding, You start with an awful space and in a few short weeks it is transformed into a place that the whole family wants to be.

Deciding how you will use your Bergen county basement will determine how you approach the design. “There is no right or wrong way to set up your space, but you do have to focus on what you want most.
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